How a charge of domestic violence can change your life

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In a report by the Huffington Post last year, statistics have revealed that the number of American women who have been killed by their partners or ex-partners between 2001 and 2012 was more than 11,000. According to the report, the figure was more than twice the number of American troops who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan within that period.

Domestic Violence is abuse toward an intimate partner or family member.

Women are more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than men. Domestic violence could take many forms: physical, sexual, verbal. Being stalked and being threatened by your domestic partner may also be counted as a domestic violence, depending on the situation. Because domestic violence is considered a serious crime, people charge with it oftentimes face with stigma that may even haunt them for life.

The website for Kohler Hart Powell explains how difficult it is for someone charged with domestic violence gain the trust of the court in a child custody case. Because the court determines each parent’s capacity to take care of the kids, a record of domestic violence could mean that you might be putting the lives of your children at risk. Because of a domestic violence charge, individuals may also find it difficult to secure greater visitation rights.

Individuals charged with domestic violence are also less likely to be hired. This is especially true in certain industries, such as in long term care homes, where a previous charge of domestic violence may prevent you from working in most institutions. That’s why people who have been accused of domestic violence must do what they can to protect themselves from charges in order to take care not only of their personal lives, but also their professional lives.

Finally, a conviction of domestic violence may result in hefty legal fines. Not only that, individuals convicted of domestic violence would face jail sentence, which can ultimately ruin one’s freedom and reputation.

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Know more about tire best practices

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Your tires are the only car components that come directly in contact with the road. This means that if there is anything worth inspecting before you hit the road, it would be your tires. Unfortunately, a Des Moines car accident attorney would likely tell you that many injurious and fatal road accidents have been attributed to malfunctioning tires. A tire could malfunction due to a myriad of different factors. Fortunately, there are also many different tire best practices that you should be aware of to keep tire-related accidents at bay:

Only buy from the best

A Massachusetts personal injury attorney would likely be aware of how a negligent tire manufacturer can carelessly put the lives of its consumers in great peril. And so, you have to be aware of the quality of your tires. What is the overall impression on the brand? How responsive is the market in ‘buying’ the tires? Has the manufacturer always been involved in tire recalls? By answering these questions, you are ensuring that you will only get the best, high-quality tires available. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) has built a website where you can read more on tire ratings.

Know your specs

Hitting the road with over inflated or under inflated tires is the number one cause of tire-related incidents in the country. Before leaving the driveway, check if the tire pressure is within the recommended tire specs. You should only be using tires that are recommended for your car build. Mounting a tire that’s too small or too big, for instance, may cause technical problems that may ultimately result in tire or under chassis breakdown.

Rotate regularly

By regularly rotating your tires, you are preventing uneven wear out of all of your four tires. Just remember, though, that there are ways on how to rotate your tires properly. For instance, tire rotation should only be done between front and rear axles. This means that tires should never be rotated from left to right and vice versa. All tires should also have one tread design to avoid uneven wear out and to ensure maximum traction. Finally, tires with the best thread should be placed on the rear axle to avoid hydroplaning.

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How can boating benefit my health?

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Busy weekdays oftentimes demand a relaxing weekend. And what can be more relaxing than spending your day (and night) with nature? One good way to celebrate your weekend after a hectic work week is by spending it with families or friends in a yacht. Boating could be the best weekend getaway for you because of a myriad of different things, including the following:

It greatly relieves work stress

According to American Psychological Association, stress becomes dangerous when it interferes with your ability to live a normal life over an extended period. Boating can give you a profound sense of communion with nature, which we seldom feel in our office. With boating, you get to feel the cool breeze and the refreshing water while soaking under the sun. Boating also gives you the serenity you need, empowering you with the peace and quiet you need for another frantic week ahead.

It’s good for respiration, skin

Spending your day in a yacht does not only give your mind a break from all the stress; it also gives your lungs a break from poor city air. Also, spending your time under the sun allows your body to gain Vitamin D, which is needed to absorb enough iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphate in our diet. Finally, spending time under the sun during safe hours is perfect if you want to achieve that beautiful tan.

It is the best family bonding

There could be no other good way than to spend time with your family away from any digital distractions. Nowadays, kids can easily be drawn to TVs, PCs, tablets, smart phones and other electronic devices. That’s why you need activities that are too interesting and “new” to ignore. With boating, you get to relax your mind and your body while enjoying some great time with your loved ones, too! Who knows, your next boat ride could be among the most memorable bonding experience that you may have with your spouse and kids.

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The symptoms and risks of bladder cancer

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The bladder, according to, is a membranous organ belonging to the excretory system, is responsible in collecting urine made in the kidneys. It is also responsible in expelling urine out of the body through muscle contraction. When full, a normal, healthy bladder may hold up to 600 mL of urine waste.

However, there are certain conditions that can make your bladder dysfunctional. Bladder cancer, for instance, is a common type of cancer that affects bladder cells. Most bladder cancer types are detectable and treatable during earlier stages, although it also has a higher rate of recurrence. So, it is important for bladder cancer survivors to undergo regular check-ups to detect any signs of recurrence.

Blood in urine, or hematuria, is the chief bladder cancer symptom. Hematuria can be accompanied by other urinary disorders, such as painful urination, frequent urination, and back pain. A person experiencing one or more of these symptoms should see his physician right away, especially if he is considered among the vulnerable group. Those who are vulnerable to bladder cancer are:

  • Smokers – Tobacco may contain harmful substances that may trigger bladder cancer
  • Men – Unlike women, men are at higher risk of bladder cancer
  • Adults – Bladder cancer is more frequent among older age groups, usually 40 years old and up
  • Those with family history of bladder cancer – Your risk of bladder cancer increases if one or more of your relatives have the disease.
  • Those who are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals – Individuals working in unsafe workplaces where they are repetitively exposed to cancer-causing chemicals are more likely to develop bladder cancer.
  • Those who are suffering from persistent bladder diseases – A person with chronic cystisis, or the inflammation of the bladder, is at higher risk of bladder cancer

Apart from these risk factors, stated that there could be a direct link between diabetes drug Actos and bladder cancer risk. In fact, many studies have already established strong correlation between bladder cancer and Actos use, including this study published in Medpage Today.

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Volkswagen emissions scandal: How does it affect you?

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German automaker giant Volkswagen has recently been under fierce criticism after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that its newer lines of diesel units are equipped with a sophisticated device used to ‘cheat’ standard emissions test. The software was so uniquely designed that it can sense whether it is being tested for emissions, and can do the necessary trick to pass the test. But when in normal operating conditions, diesel cars equipped with this cheat device emit much more – up to 40 times greater than what clean air regulations allow.

This scandal has send waves of discontent among Volkswagen customers. Apart from being tricked in believing that what they had bought was a car both of power and fuel efficiency, they now have to deal with decreased resale value. In fact, some of them are so infuriated that more and more are filing for a VW emissions lawsuit to get the compensation they believe they deserve.

This issue has also caused the German automaker giant to suffer from great losses. Last month, the company was compelled to release $1,000 worth of cash cards for every affected customer to hopefully quell dismay and to win back the hearts of their clients. During the emissions scandal, the company has also lost a substantial amount from its ROI, and is expected to lose more as it plans to roll out series of recall to fix the issue. To date, the company has announced its readiness to put aside more than 7 million USD, or 6.7 billion euros, according to the Associated Press, to fix the fraud.

Ultimately, the environment is at the receiving end of this fiasco. Affected Volkswagen units release oxides that are contributing to acid rain and smog formation. Furthermore, NO2 released by engines are contributors to ground-level ozone, which is known to trigger different respiratory problems. These lung problems include emphysema, asthma, and bronchitis.

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