One serious types of personal injury is that which is inflicted to the brain as this have very serious effects, like unconsciousness (which can become more frequent so long as the injury remains untreated), amnesia, comatose, disability, or death. Personal injury is harm committed against a person due to another individual’s negligent or careless behavior. Though it is usually physical, it nevertheless affects the victim mentally and emotionally. A personal injury may also be accidental or intentional in nature.

The causes of personal injury include simple accidents, like slip and fall, to severe motor vehicular accidents, which can occur on land, air or at sea. It can also result from medical errors, defective products or exposure to hazardous materials while at work. While some personal injuries can be severe, resulting to prolonged disability which, in turn, can result to financial loses due to costly medical treatment, others can lead to a victim’s untimely death. As explained by the Spiros Law Firm, under the law, victims of personal injury have the right to receive compensation from the liable party to cover present and future damages resulting from the injury

Brain injury, also known as intracranial or Traumatic brain injury (TBI), is a very serious personal injury caused by a strong jolt or very violent blow to one’s head. This injury is usually sustained in car accidents, falls, acts of violence, explosions or sports accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 1 million Americans are treated for brain injuries every year – about 50,000 of them die.

Car accident, specifically, is the major cause of this type of injury. Despite the safety features of a car and the careful observance of traffic rules by some drivers, the negligence of many other drivers can render futile all observance for safety and cause an accident that can severely injure or kill innocent victims. Pursuing legal action against reckless and negligent parties should be a duty to all innocent injured victims, not just for the purpose of seeking compensation, but for sending the message that acts of recklessness and negligence will never go unpunished.